Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Quick Update

October 22, 2009
5:02 P.M.
I just wanted to let you guys know of a couple changes in the forecast. First of all, Friday looks wetter for some and drier for others. The front is expected to not stall as much over Vancouver Island, so we will get more rain while they will get less. However, due to the westerly flow of this storm system, the central Puget Sound area will be rain-shadowed (as opposed to places north like Sequim that usually get it more). The diagram below shows the 3 hour precipitation totals from 2-5 A.M. Notice the large hole in precipitation over Seattle.

Nevertheless, things should "even out" precipitation-wise later in the evening as a Puget Sound convergence zone will settle down over Seattle, while all the other places will be clearing up. It's as if we just cut and pasted our rain a couple hours ahead.

We are still looking at a storm Sunday and then some mountain showers with chillier temps afterward. The models, as previously stated, have been inconsistent, but after a brief break early next week we could see another storm Thursday the 29th.


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