Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17, 2009
9:06 P.M.

Hello everybody. I'm actually switching from facebook groups to blogger because I can post pictures on blogger. Still, I'll have them up on facebook, but I'll let everybody know that I am on blogger now as well via a message.

Both of these pictures are from Cliff Mass' blog... I don't want to get busted for plagiarizing...

This picture is a picture of the radar at around 4 P.M. After the main front came through today, we were under the influence of an unstable atmosphere with VERY heavy showers. I even heard some thunder. Where you see the red, rain is extremely heavy, with amounts of .4 inches occurring in 15 minutes! In contrast, we average .2 inches of rain in an entire day in the last week of November, statistically the stormiest and rainiest week of the year.
The picture above is a radar-estimated diagram of the total precipitation from the Rainwatch system, a new system/map thingy Cliff Mass is developing for Seattle Public Utilities. As you can see, the highest precipitation amounts are over the north coast and Vancouver Island, but Seattle and points north still got quite heavy rain, over an inch in most spots. Keep in mind this is radar-estimated, so the further you go from where the radar is located (I think it is Camano Island) the less accurate the results are. Also, there is blockage from the Olympics and some parts of the Cascades.
The next week looks pretty wet as we will be under the influence of a zonal flow, meaning the jet stream will be oriented more or less west to east across the Pacific, giving us systems on a fairly regular basis every 48 hours. The timing is uncertain, but we should see either rain or showers and sunbreaks every day with highs around 60.


  1. I was going home and on the freeway near downtown it was raining incredibly hard with huge drops then it just stopped all of a sudden and there was a rainbow ten feet in front of us the whole way back home. but no leprechauns though.

  2. i really like this layout more and all the links on the side