Monday, June 25, 2012

Back From The Dead!

My, my my! It certainly has been a long time. Well, I could enamor you with excuses, but I'm not here to justify my actions (or lack thereof).

I'm here to predict the weather.

To say that June has been rather chilly is an understatement. To quote Scott Sistek of KOMO, "Today marked the 20th time in June's first 25 days where temperatures stayed below average." Yeah. It's been pretty bad.

The last several Junes have been pretty darn chilly, and many have dubbed them as "June-uary" because of their unseasonable coolness. This is likely because of La Nina. Although La Nina is dead now, its effects tend to lag on well after the Pacific warms past the La Nina phase. I was down in Portland over the weekend visiting my uncle and a dear friend, and it was pretty wet there. I heard it was even wetter up here in Seattle.

... until we see some summer? Well, if trends are correct, we will start to see summer on July 5th. But the current forecast has a different outlook. It calls for a damp Tuesday, a wet Thursday, and a soaking Saturday, but Wednesday should be nice, Friday should be decent, and once we get into next week, it's cloudy mornings and sunny afternoons as far as the mind can grasp. Perfect summertime weather.

Ahhhhhhhhhh... it feels good to be back on the blog again. Thanks for reading. :)