Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm back!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
12:38 P.M.

Hey everybody! After a long break from this website due to an extremely hectic schedule, school is officially out, and I have no reason at all to not be writing these forecasts. We have a lot to talk about.

The last day we got to 75 degrees was September 21. This means we have gone through all of fall, all of winter, and all of spring without getting once to 75. That is absolutely rediculous. We've gotten to 74 a few times, but we have not yet achieved that elusive 75. It's officially summer! I think it's rediculous that e haven't reached 75 yet, but I want this streak to keep going for as long as possible. All this for a summer that was originally thought to be warmer and drier than normal.

Today we have a very decent shot at getting to 75. It is 71 degrees now and we still have several hours before the day will be at its hottest (I've usually found this to be around 5 or so). Komo4 and many other tv stations believe we will get to 75 today. I'm not so sure. I woke up this morning and there was a light marine layer, which may have retarded the morning heating for our area. I also think that there are too many clouds to cause the temperature to get above 74. It will be very, very close however. The upper atmosphere has warmed a lot, and that's why many people think we will finally get above 75.

Some thhunderstorms may develop in the Cascades today. After today, things will cool down, and will have done so significantly by next week. It looks like we may once again find ourselves in the low 60s for highs, but this remains to be seen and confidence in the extended periods as of late has been rather low.

Thanks for looking!