Sunday, December 13, 2009

No snow

Sunday, December 13, 2009
11:22 P.M.

Sorry guys for not updating this earlier. I've been out and about all day doing chores and the time I have been home has been spent working on homework. Nevertheless, there is about a one percent chance of snow tonight, and that would be if an arctic front sweeped through the area and brought some moisture with it, but that looks very unlikely.

As usual the news stations hyped this event up wayyy to much and never even talked about a rainshadow over Puget Sound. The rainshadow (snowshadow) was even stronger than the models predicted, so we got nothing while areas to the north, south, and east of us did.

Tomorrow I think will start off as just rain, but places like the North Interior and Hood Canal will have it start off as snow before changing to rain Monday night, with Hood Canal possibly receiving as much as 8 inches in some spots! The cold air really gets trapped there.

Sorry guys. It is what it is. See you tomorrow.

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