Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Heavy Showers Now

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
3:28 P.M.

Hey everybody! Look at the radar! As you can see, heavy post-frontal showers are swinging through the region after a warm front passed through today. This radar image provides a good example of what orographic enhancement is. Look at the Cascades. There are much more showers around them than around the sound. Why? Because when the westward-traveling air is forced up the topography there, it condenses into clouds, and the cloud droplets later condense into precipitation.
The weather upcoming is pretty non-eventful... snow is completely out of the question (my brother is still in denial that we didn't get any... I'm telling him to blame the news stations and not me). Another storm will arrive Thursday while Friday will have a few showers, and Saturday will largely be dry. After that, models diverge, but the ECMWF (more accurate) model gives us sorta rainy conditions but nothing too serious while our GFS model builds a strong ridge over the area. zzzzz... I'm hoping for the former. Highs would be above average (around 50) throughout the period in both scenarios.
I'm glad I walked on my pond when I did!

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