Friday, February 21, 2014


Friday, February 21, 2014
12:14 p.m.

Rest in paradise, I love you.

Hey everybody. So, I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've been slacking... again. We do have a possibility of some snow over the weekend and I will write a blog on that right after I finish this one, but I think that this is more important.

I want to let you guys know about two tragedies that have recently affected both myself and many of my friends. Two people from Garfield High School in Seattle, the high school that I went to, died over a two-week period. The first was Lina Brown, a girl who was a year below me who, although I did not know that well, was loved dearly by many and will be missed.

The second was Danielle Guloy. While I wouldn't say I was ever "best friends" with her, we were pretty close. I've known her since 6th grade, and her death was a huge shock to me. I remember when we first met... she asked if she could play basketball with me and some other 6th grade boys. She was actually pretty darn good... I could see why she wasn't afraid to take us on (although, to be fair, I sucked and still do). She had a knack for lighting up a room with her presence... she didn't even need to smile. Of course, she smiled all the time and always seemed to be interested in what you had to say.

She LOVED to ask me about the weather, and told all her friends that I was the best weatherman in Seattle, especially when it came to snow. She actually has a comment at the top of my profile pictures on Facebook where I am standing in front of a KOMO 7-day forecast with a snarky sneer on my face, saying that 'I had realized my destiny to become the best weatherman known to mankind.' That comment made me laugh when I first saw it.

Now, I've been pondering whether I should delete it or not. Seeing it just feels so surreal and creepy, not to mention painful. But I've decided that I'll keep it there. My reasoning is that I wouldn't have deleted it in the first place if she was still alive. I was listening to my voicemail and I found a message from my grandma after she had passed, which was also painful and surreal, but I deleted it because I wouldn't have held onto it otherwise. That's the general strategy I've come to adopt; when a death occurs and there are the inevitable traces of life that the deceased has left here on Earth, I'll delete them or keep them based on what I'd do in any other situation. Doing that makes me feel like I'm second-guessing myself less, and I feel more secure as a result.

I'm really going to miss you Danielle. But your passion for loving people lives inside me now, and rest assured I'll pass it on to those I meet. I think you've changed more people than you realize, and ALWAYS for the better. Without exception. There's not many people I can say that for, but I can say that unequivocally for you. Some people say you have to go to Heaven to be an angel, but you were an angel from the day I met you, and your presence has cast a relaxed, personable, loving force for good that has permeated the world and won't be leaving anytime soon. I'll carry on your legacy, I promise.

But most importantly, I promise, now more than ever, to make it snow this weekend. :)


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