Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wet but Calm

November 25, 2009
5:35 P.M.

Hey guys! Thanksgiving is less than a day away! I am soooooooo excited. Man... I haven't tasted that creamy mash potatoes that melt in your mouth infused with a concoction of gravy and stuffing for over a year. And the turkey... I just took a look at it. It's huge. And I'm going to eat as much as I can. We are also hosting an apple cider pressing party up at our beachhouse on Whidbey Island, where we will cut and grind apples and them press them to make apple cider. Let me know if you want some! I'm sure we will have way too much. It's great stuff and it is really fun to make too.

These two images show the expected rain from now to 4 A.M. tomorrow and then that time to 4 P.M. As the title says, the weather will be fairly uneventful this Thanksgiving in terms of wind and general storminess, but we should get a good shot of light but steady rain starting tonight and lasting into early Friday. All this rain is due to a front stalling over the area. Where most fronts sweep right on through, this front will have little eastward progress (storms go from west to east in our neck of the woods). Due to that, we could see an inch of rain throughout the lowlands, and the Skokomish could see some minor flooding. Still, the mountains will not see the prodigal widespread 5-10 inch amounts they were seeing with some of the systems earlier this November because the winds in the upper atmosphere will not be that strong, which means that there will not be much orographic enhancement on the mountain peaks. Of course, that means there won't be much of a rain shadow effect in locales like Sequim either. Everybody will be wet. And the snow levels will be high too, which is great news for travelers across the pass but bad news for us skiers.

I have to go eat dinner but I will be out of town until Sunday. Apart from some rain on Saturday the forecast looks pretty uneventful. Have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving and thanks for reading. :)


  1. On accuweather (yes i know lol), it shows December 11th shows a high of 33, low of 28, and snow here in Olympia/Lacey.

    Any chance it might come true?

  2. At this point it doesn't look like that will hold, but accuweather can actually be a very good site. They have great blogs and headlines and their forecasts are unique in that they are direct model output forecasts, which means that there are no forecasters to make judgement calls. Often times, when I see something in the models but I'm not sure what it means for our area I will check accuweather. But as for snow on the 11th, it doesn't look like it is going to happen. Sorry buddy.