Friday, November 20, 2009

Calming Down a Little

November 20, 2009
3:44 P.M.

Hey everybody! Many of my devoted Garfield High School following saw me in the Messenger, the school newspaper today. I'm truly humbled to have had such a great article written about me and to have been given the chance to show something I have started with the rest of the community. Thank you so much Lisa! It was truly wonderful working with you on this article. Now, if you could get me a weather forecasting spot on the Messenger... just kidding. :) I wouldn't infiltrate on them like that. Besides, the Messenger comes out like every 2-3 weeks. I'd need a lot of skill and a ton of luck to get a forecast even partially right that far out. Often times, skill would not be involved at all.

Let's get down to business. There are currently some showers off the coast that are coming westward now. We will see some showers throughout the evening, particularly concentrated around South Everett as a convergence zone should set up there. The mountains will see a little more snow, with higher amounts, possibly up to one foot if the convergence zone really gets going, around Stevens Pass, which is at the same latitude where most of the precipitation will be occuring back in places like Mukilteo. It is also currently a little breezy but these winds will die down tonight. All in all, a few showers throughout the evening, especially north, with winds dying down

I'm still looking at that low on Saturday. I'm not sure if I mentioned it here - I know i did on Cliff Mass' blog - but that low, at least from a cyclogenesis point of view, looks fairly potent. Models show it undergoing rapid intensification as it approaches our coast, and while it doesn't look to be very deep, it could have an intense pressure gradient. The big question is where it is located. The NAM model brings it south by Astoria but the GFS (usually a little more accurate) brings it north by Grays harbor and to our north which would result in strong winds for us. So stay tuned. Either way, the mountains look to get a good shot of snow.

Sunday we will have showers in between systems and Monday another system will come rolling through. Tuesday through Thursday look a little wet but fairly dry by recent comparison, and Friday actually does look dry! Some more tranquil weather looks like it is headed our way.

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