Monday, December 19, 2011

Southern Plains Snowstorm!!

Monday, December 19, 2011
3:55 P.M.

Santa Fe - December 19, 2011 - Photo Credit: AP Photo/The Albuquerque Journal, Dean Hanson
I've been trying to find creative things to write about on this blog, but I haven't had the creativity because of finals week, and I haven't found anything interesting about the weather either. The weather should be stormy and snowy this time of the year, but right now, it is about as interesting as watching a banana take a nap. Therefore, I'll talk about a pretty big storm we are seeing over the Midwest.

03:15 pm PST Mon 19 Dec 2011 - East Coast Infrared Satellite

This isn't a major storm, but it is significant, and it will impact holiday travel. Some places northwest of the center of the low will get well over a foot of snow, and other places will get heavy rain. Take a look at the radar below, and look at Kansas City! There are some reds in there! Kansas City could get up to three inches of precipitation from this storm. They are getting rain right now, but will probably switch to snow later tonight as the low heads east and Kansas City will get some colder, northerly winds.

05:04 pm PST Mon 19 Dec 2011 - Central U.S.1800-Mile Radar

Some places are also seeing quite strong winds. The sustained winds north of the low are around 30-40 mph in places, with higher gusts.

05:11pm PST Mon 19 Dec 2011 - Central U.S.1800-Mile Radar

Snow and strong winds? I'm sure you know what that means...

The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings in southeast Colorado, northeast New Mexico, the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, and eastern Kansas. The blizzard warnings are marked as orange, and the other colors mark winter storm warnings or advisories.

Even though this storm is bad now, it is expected to die out in the next day or so as it loses upper-level support. Still, it will drop some serious snow and create some dangerous travel conditions before it is all said and done. It has already killed two people. Let's hope there are no other casualties.

The weather for us? Boring. Kind of like Nascar.

Charlie Phillips


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