Monday, September 26, 2011

Storm Today, and then Seasonable Weather

September 26, 2011
1:53 P.M.

Just a quick note today... the storm we had today had remnants of tropical moisture, which is why it has been so wet! In fact, some places in the Olympics have had over 3 inches already, and they will continue to pick up more.

Looking into the future, it looks like we will have seasonable weather for this time of year. We will see mostly cloudy skies with sunbreaks at times, and no major systems will come through. The mountains, however, will see lots of showers, particularly the Cascades, and most of this action will be on Tuesday. This is because there is a strong jet perpendicularly aimed right at them, causing air from the surface to rise and condense, forming clouds and precipitation. The below picture shows the jet stream over our area Tuesday night.

 Valid 08:00 pm PDT Tue, 27 Sep 2011 - 39hr Fcst - UW 36km 12z WRF-GFS 300mb winds

We will see some showers on Friday and Saturday as a weak system pushes through the area, but nothing to be concerned about. We could have a strong system next week... we will see

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