Thursday, October 7, 2010

Memorable Weather Experiences

I'm copying everything down from the facebook blog to this, just to have everything on this since I am now officially using it. Here is a quick discussion topic I did back like 2 years ago.

Charlie Phillips Windstorm? Flood? Snow-day? If something was memorable, share it with us!

Tom Longabaugh: my dad went out to mow the lawn on saturday while it was sunny........then it started hailing. It was hilarious watching him mow the lawn while getting hailed on.

Charlie Phillips I was actually just clamming over the weekend and on Saturday (4/19) when it was really cold and showery, it started hailing (well, technically graupel but I won't get into that). All of the sudden, I felt and heard my beanie buzzing, and I thought I was getting attacked by bees. Then my hair started standing up on end, and I started to get scared. Then, every time I touched metal, I got zapped. My shoes, which had metal on them, zapped my feet through really thick neoprene waders. It really hurt and was really scary. I could have gotten struck by lightning, so I headed inside.

I also saw a "cold core" funnel cloud that day!

Fred Ness dogs it was so windy yesterday. i saw a tree that had fallen over.

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