Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wet and Warm

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
3:37 P.M.

Hey everybody. Just a brief update now... I have to catch the bus soon... but we saw some pretty heavy rain amounts here as a Pineapple Express was stalled over the area. Amounts of an inch, higher south, were common in the Puget Sound area, while places in the Olympics received 5 inches and I wouldn't be surprised if some mountainous locales on the southwestern slopes got over a foot of rain. Of course, with high freezing levels (around 6000 feet), it is pretty much all falling as rain in the mountains, and this is sending many rivers over their banks. The Skokomish River has a Flood Warning on it for minor flooding until early Wednesday morning.

What does our extended look like? Unfortunately for skiers, continued warm. It won't be as wet, however. Thursday will be nice, and rain will return Friday and for the weekend, though it won't be as heavy, and I don't think the air temperatures will be quite as warm.

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