Thursday, October 17, 2013


Saturday, October 12, 2013
10:39 p.m.

Hey everybody, sorry for not getting this up earlier. I had a seizure on Monday and have been resting ever since. I finally went to all my classes today, and I'm seeing the neurologist tomorrow. This is my fifth seizure in the past two months, so hopefully we can put an end to all this nonsense soon. I've got blogs to write.

I've been pretty active in the weather department lately. This quarter, I'm finally taking some majors' atmospheric sciences classes, and let me tell you, learning about the development of cyclones is a whole hell of a lot interesting than having to retake MATH 324 (Advanced Multivariable Calculus) and the associated examinations on interpreting things like the Newton-Leibniz-Gauss-Green-Ostrogradskii-Stokes-Poincaré formula (commonly called called Stokes' Theorem) a second time. I recently got an internship at KOMO with Steve Pool (I'll talk about that in a different post), I've been working with Tanner on continuing to develop WeatherOn, I've been developing relationships fellow undergrad and graduate students, and of course I've been doing my best to forecast the weather when time allows. I was in the ICU throughout this past week trying to do all the homework I procrastinated on the previous week (still getting back in that college rhythm) and decided grades aren't as important blogs*, but now my assignments aren't due for several days, so I can get back out of rhythm.

*If severe weather is forecast, blogs take priority over not only homework but over friends, family, and just being a good person.

Anyway, the last blog I wrote was on the 5th, and when I checked out my published post, I noticed that my blog was on the cusp of 100,000 views. I anxiously checked it several times over the next several days while making sure not to go overload as to artificially inflate the number of hits the page had tallied over its lifetime. The below screenshot was taken on 4:18 p.m. that day.

I definitely checked more than twice, but the blog has, as of 2:22 a.m. October 13, 2013, amalgamated 100,527 views since my first post on it back on October 17 of 2009. It is worth noting, however, that I actually started doing these forecasts in April of 2008 on a Facebook group I created before making the switch to Blogger. Those old forecasts were much more forecast-y in nature, whereas now this blog is now a running tapestry of my thoughts.

Thankfully, I don't think about much else besides weather. You can bet that this blog will stay right where it is for many years to come. :)


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