Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Friday, June 17, 2011
1:08 P.M.

I am loving this weather right now! Sure, it could be a little warmer, but it is nice and sunny outside, and that is definitely good enough to put me in a good mood. Just like the past few mornings, we had some morning clouds, but they were significantly weaker this time around, and much of the low ones burned off at around 10 A.M.

I am personally hoping we get some massive heat waves to warm up the lake so that I can go swimming in it. Unfortunately, that doesn't look very likely right now. We will have a small disturbance come in over the weekend, bringing some cooler air along with it. The 1000-500mb thickness diagram below for Saturday at 5 P.M. shows the cooler air over our region brought in by a weak system of low pressure. This is from the extended 12z WRF-GFS run from the UW models.

You can also see cooler air over the Aleutians and warmer air in the desert southwest. Thankfully, we are not expected to see this cold air drop into the Pacific Northwest. However, we will see some of the fringe effects of it next week, as this 8 P.M. Wednesday forecast from the same model shows.

You can see a fairly sharp increase in thickness as you head further onshore. However, with that big ridge of high pressure at 140W, we will see an onshore flow, which means we should have morning clouds followed by afternoon sun.

Have a good day everybody! Enjoy the sun.

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